Success Stories: Our Happy Clients

We have been very fortunate to have worked with some incredible clients! Because Voxtur SA helps them consistently out perform, since 1992, thousands of companies an clients have relied on our financial solution to boost their finance, access to loans and attract investors.

We have had years of success bank guarantee/sblc contracts and helping our clients businesses with our financial service. we’ve all worked together with one goal: To help our clients with financial solutions and build a business relationship. Don't take our word for it though -- listen to what some of our customers have to say about their experience with us.

What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

Clients that speak for Voxtur SA. Take a look around to see what they say about us!

Nochmals vielen Dank für die Unterstützung und die besondere Aufmerksamkeit, die Voxtur SA in den letzten Jahren für mich und mein Unternehmen geleistet hat. Zusätzlich zu Ihrem zeitnahen Finanzinstrument war Ihre Einsicht, praktische Unterstützung und Zusammenarbeit ein unschätzbarer Vorteil. Darüber hinaus ermöglichte es mir die Voxtur SA, produktiver und effizienter zu arbeiten, und mir die Freiheit und Zeit zu geben, mich auf die Führung des Geschäfts zu konzentrieren, während ich wusste, dass die finanziellen Grundlagen sicher vorhanden waren.

Es war mir eine Freude, über die Jahre mit Ihnen zusammenzuarbeiten. Nochmals vielen Dank, dass Sie mich wie Ihren einzigen Kunden behandelt haben.

Horst Müntefering Germany

When I first met Davies, my company was experiencing trouble with its finance and was in need of change. By presenting the SBLC issued to investors, financial stability was immediately brought to my organization. After just a few weeks of issuing, our financial needs were created immediately.

Thanks to the hard work of you and your staff, we now have a better sense of what is necessary to improve the company. Your advice has been most helpful on numerous occasions. Yet even beyond that, I have developed a greater understanding and appreciation of the entire business process due to my involvement with Voxtur SA Financial Services. Again, I thank you for all of your effort.”

Theerapatpong Meesang Singapore

“我們現在正處於商業協會的第三年,我想對您和您的員工表達我們對Voxtur SA Financial Firm所做的出色工作的感謝。我們正在為公司尋找一個完整的財務解決方案,該公司正處於轉型期。在簽署MOA之後的幾天內,財務已經到位,賬單正在支付,投資者很快就會到來。從那時起,您就迎接挑戰並一直提供一流的金融工具援助。


Feng Ling China

We are proud of Voxtur SA, doing business with them is the best a company can ever experience! The absolutely BEST Financial Service Firm we have come across! Our office requires much guidance and their attention to our needs cannot compared with!

Gong Zhenya Hong Kong

Our sincere appreciation to you Voxtur SA for your financial service and follow up. The Board of Director of Vibetop Holdings PTE LTD appreciated your effort and services.

Meng Song Singapore

事实上,这是我们发布的首次评论,因为我们强烈推荐Voxtur SA。他们一定会照顾您的业务,并将您的公司利益放在心上。他们甚至为我们的项目提供了额外的支持,这一点值得赞赏。感谢Voxtur SA。

由于克服了我最初不愿外包公司会计职能的问题,我现在可以在一年半之后报告与Voxtur SA Services合作,这是我职业生涯中最好的商业决策之一。我从你们每个人那里得到的个性化服务让我感觉自己是“家庭”的一个受欢迎的部分。无论是邀请我参加员工午餐会还是让我通过SBLC发行一件,我都知道我每天从金海滩投资有限公司金融服务公司获得的特殊工作不仅仅是“照常营业”。我完全相信你,因为你始终把我公司的最大利益放在每次讨论的最前沿。我可能不会经常告诉所有人,但非常感谢您的服务和支持。

Wu He China

ゴールデンビーチインベストメントリミテッドはかなり前から知っていましたが、ごく最近まであなたのサービスを使用していませんでした。しかし、予約なしで、Funny SAサービスをリクエストすることは、今年の会社で行った最も有益な決定でした。あなたのアドバイスは創造的で貴重です。また、私の財務状況を見て、論理的な次のステップだけでなく、その後のステップも見ることができる優秀な人材がいます。要するに、あなたが私たちのために行ったことに完全に満足しており、Voxtur SA Financial Servicesを、成功し続ける継続的な懸念として会社を存続させたいと考えているあらゆる分野の人に推薦します。

Fang Zexi Turkmenistan

Voxtur SA has become absolutely financially indispensable in helping me run my business. I am so glad that I got connected with you. We’ve worked with a lot of Financial services company and you guys are quick to help, very thorough, and extremely responsive. I really appreciate all the work you do, and I absolutely feel like we’re on the same team. Davies I. turns around my questions and process requests quickly…he’s just the best… I could go on and on. Just wanted to take a minute to tell you how nice it’s been to have Voxtur SA on the financial service team. I appreciate you immensely.

Qian Rong Japan

感謝你的幫助。最初選擇與您做生意很容易,因為您被高度推薦。我尊重並與之合作的顧問說,如果我是為我的企業提供金融服務,那麼你就是我需要聯繫的第一個人。他說你是他認識的最好的金融服務公司。我常常覺得Voxtur SA 是我的搭檔。我向其他人推薦了您的服務。我希望你是最好的。

Ye Guanyu Maldives

On behalf of SANILUXE LIMITED, I would like to thank the entire team at Voxtur SA Financial Firm for the impressive work done to successfully close our landmark transaction. The strong commitment and dedication displayed by Voxtur SA Financial team in ensuring an exceptional debut of Reliance AMC on the stock exchanges was truly admirable.

Wang Yu Hong Kong

テレコム業界で何年も所有者と従業員として働いた後、別の企業を立ち上げる時が来たとき、クレジットラインのニーズに合わせてアウトソーシングされたソリューションを探していることを知りました。 Voxtur SAクライアントとして1年目を迎えた今、そのメリットはこれまで以上に明確になっています。あなたの専門知識のおかげで、私の時間はビジネスとプロジェクトの開発に費やされました。

Takano Mareo Malaysia

ดังที่เราได้กล่าวไว้ก่อนหน้านี้เราเป็นคนที่ให้ความสำคัญกับบริการและความร่วมมือของคุณ พวกคุณทุกคนอยู่กับเราตั้งแต่เริ่มต้นและเราไม่สามารถสำรวจน่านน้ำ "มืดมน" ได้หากไม่มีพวกคุณอยู่ข้างๆ

Nattayot Thaibangouy Taiwan

I would confidently recommend Voxtur SA to anyone in need of getting their finance and credit line function established and running smoothly.

Liang Li China

I commend Voxtur SA for having done an excellent job helping me and our company with it financial service.

Yamashiro Senzo Japan

Jia Hua, President of ZENSO GROUP LIMITED, and I initially came to you during a transitional phase of our business. Since that time, your company has provided consistent, high quality, financial instruments during the exponential growth we have experienced over the past two years.

Let me now thank you for the integral part you and your staff have played in our success. We could not have achieved all that we have without your support and expert solution. Jia and I appreciate all you’ve done for us.

Geng Yi Hong Kong

เมื่อปีที่แล้วการตัดสินใจของเราในการจัดหาโซลูชันทางการเงินของเราจากคุณในระดับความสะดวกสบายที่เรามีกับความเชี่ยวชาญของคุณ หลังจากทำงานกับคุณและพนักงานของคุณในปีที่ผ่านมาฉันต้องการใช้เวลานี้เพื่อขอบคุณสำหรับการให้บริการแบบมืออาชีพตอบสนองและเพิ่มมูลค่าที่เกินความคาดหวังดั้งเดิมของเรา


Suda Prasongsanti Thailand

한 프로젝트에서 다른 프로젝트로 전환하면서 임시 금융 서비스를 제공해 주셔서 감사합니다. 완벽한 솔루션으로 비트를 잃지 않고 일 어설 수 있습니다.

또한 재정적 필요를 직접 배우기 위해 더 많은 노력을 기울일 의향이 있습니다. 귀하가 제공 한 현장 직원은 특히 재무 도구 프로세스를 효율적으로 발전시키는 데 능숙했습니다. 신용 한도 개발에 대한 그의 제안도 매우 도움이되었습니다.

Pak Hyun-Su South Korea


Sakurai Keiji Japan

最近,在回顧我作為金沙灘投資有限公司金融公司客戶的經歷時,我想確保我完全滿意地向您表達。當我的業務遇到財務問題時,一位朋友將您的公司轉介給我,將經驗,質量和價值結合到一個經濟實惠的套餐中。 Voxtur SA 在所有這些領域都超出了我的預期。您不僅在幫助我完成啟動過程中發揮了重要作用,而且在隨後的擴展過程中您繼續提供專家協助。我真誠地相信,如果沒有金海灘投資有限公司金融公司的專業知識,我公司的業務往往不會如此順利。

Zhou Zedong China

Thanks for all your hard work this year, I really value your expertise and knowledge. I want to acknowledge that you always go above and beyond. I want to assure you and the rest of the team that supports our company, Voxtur SA Financial Firm is by far the best team that I have ever worked with.Voxtur SA.

Xu Jun Hong Kong