Purchased Bank Guarantees can be used as a successful tool to secure finance for your projects. These are typically used in global finance, trade finance, credit enhancement, project finance, and so much more. Although these are successful tools, it can be hard to secure them. It is almost impossible for small businesses to receive cash funds from investors who are required for bank guarantees. Voxtur SA have access to firms that provide genuine bank guarantees from some of the top banks in the world. Bank  guarantees are delivered by SWIFT MT760.

We are sblc providers with intense knowledge of the global power logistics network enable us to furnish a clarified structure trade for our clients to navigate through difficult markets with the payment guarantees.

The business sector continues to face many challenges. We grow vigorously by helping our clients meet the complex challenges. Our pragmatic and commercial support helps our clients succeed, providing the right payment method and getting deals done. We provide support for traders in the global trading markets. Our sblc provider firm have their finance with top rated banks such as Barclays Bank UK and HSBC UK.



When you are completing transactions, particularly when banks are involved, it is important to protect all parties. With bank guarantee you can create assurance that invoices or loans will be paid as promised. Even if the borrower defaults on the loan or invoice. Obtaining bank guarantee financing is the best way to create a guarantee of funds. Even if the person who is promising to pay doesn’t come through with the appropriate funds.



A Bank Guarantee involves a financial institution providing a guarantee that a debt will not go unpaid. This kind of transaction gives the person or institution a safety net should the debtor be unable to make good on his borrowed money. If this situation does occur, the bank that provided the bank guarantee is responsible for the balance owed. Bank guarantees can provide the necessary references to obtain a loan for goods or services.

By procuring this type of instrument, a business will be able to purchase the needed capital to start or maintain their services to others. Since a bank is “backing” the customer, the institution providing the loan has no reason to find the customer unworthy of a loan. Whether the customer follows through or not, the loan will still be paid back without any hassle or interference of collections agencies. Bank Guarantees are most useful when there is not a previous relationship between two parties. International transactions are one example of this necessary safety net. Since there is no pre-existing relationship, one party will have no proof that the other will follow through on his or her promises. Click here to know more



Bank Guarantee takes the risk out of this situation, and allows both parties to participate freely, knowing that the transaction will be followed through, whether by the original party, or by the bank offering the guarantee. Risks are certainly a part of business, but unnecessary ones are not. Do you need a bank guarantee? The answer to this question is found in the answer to a few other questions, such as: Would you profit from transactions that you fear might not work out were you to become involved? Could you provide your services more freely and more widely if the risk of the other party not following through were lower? Simply, a Bank Guarantee takes the fear out of stepping out on a ledge.

If you know there is a safety net, you can feel free to not only walk, but do cartwheels. Think of how vast your connections and services could be if you just had a little bit of a safety net. That’s what a bank guarantee can do for your business.